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Mini Blobbie Candle Set

Sale price$75.00

When you can’t decide which adorable Blobbie you want to add to your collection or gift to a lucky friend, the super-cute Mini Blobbie Set covers all bases with miniature versions of XRJ Celebration’s best-selling Blobbies; Tulum, Nuvola, Lito and Ortensia.

Each candle is approximately 50mm high x 50 mm wide x 50mm depth

Available in Classic White

Burn Time: Burns beautifully for up to 5 hours with a tunnel burn pattern for minimal mess on or around the candle.
What are they made of? Our hand-poured, Australian-made candles are all non-scented and made using the highest quality, sustainable, non-toxic, vegan, high-performance soy wax blend that features medical-grade paraffin and a plant-based additive used for hardness.

Stay Safe; These candles have been designed as decorative styling pieces more so than as candles for everyday burning, but if you do decide to light them for a short time, please remember never to leave candles unattended, burn away from curtains, tablecloths and other flammable materials and always keep lit candles well out of reach of children and pets.

To avoid damage to your surfaces, please place your candle on a large ceramic dish, on a flat surface before lighting.
Each candle is individually hand crafted, and like the ancient sculptures that inspire them, small imperfections such as small air bubbles or frosting may be expected between pieces.

Mini Blobbie Candle Set
Mini Blobbie Candle Set Sale price$75.00