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Carbon G

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Micro G 
Extremely smooth and soft finish
80% Recycled Polyamide, 20% Elastic
100% GOTS Organic Cotton Gusset

Less really is more when you need a G that nobody can see.

The Carbon G is your ultimate, ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss her’ G string for when only the smoothest of lines will do. She’s stealth, yet sexy, she’s as subtle as she is sustainable, and she's the G that can boldly go where most others won’t; under even the skimpiest of outfits.

Whether you ready to share your #HipCleavage with the world, or you prefer to keep your undies to yourself, we’ve designed a thong so economical with her fabric use, she could make Sisqó blush.

She doesn’t just avoid a VPL, she creates an IPL (Invisible Panty Line), and she does it all whilst being the softest, gentlest fabric you can put next to your skin.

The breathable, 100% organic cotton gusset protects your most sensitive area, so you can enjoy the commando look without the risks - no chafing or rubbing against the dyes and chemicals found in most other clothes.

The rest of the material is made of 80% recycled polyamide, so you can feel as good about your responsible choices, as you feel in your super soft undies.

Fabric Care
Tip 1: Treat me delicately!
nat'v basics are made from delicate, natural fibres so place them inside a delicates wash bag, with similar colours, and they’ll love you back for even longer.
Pre-rinse your leak proof Comforts in cold water until the water runs clear.

Tip 2: Warm and gentle wash.
Imagine Goldilocks was putting your wash on - not too cold, not too hot, warm and gentle is just right.

Tip 3: Mild detergent, no harsh chemicals.
These babies are already super soft, so you don’t need to add fabric softener. Just a colour safe, mild detergent will do the trick - and definitely no bleach please; the girls are a little delicate and told us it stings their gussets.

Tip 4: Leave ‘em hanging!
They love to feel the wind in their hair so no fancy dryer necessary for them, a simple line dry in the shade will do the trick.

Tip 5: Do not tumble dry or dry clean.
We’ve never met anyone (that we know of) who takes their knickers to the dry cleaners. But just in case you love your undies so much that you think they deserve an upgrade from a regular wash, we’re here to tell you there’s no need. In fact, they don’t like the dry cleaners at all so best to keep them home (or wherever you do your regular wash) and clean as per Tip 3. They also don’t like tumble dryers so stick to a line dry as per Tip 4.

Tip 6: Do not iron.
There’s many reasons why it's weird to iron your undies. Prolonging the life of them is just another to add to the list.

Tip 7: Keep me trimmed.
Whatever your grooming style inside your pants, we recommend giving any rogue threads that appear on your undies a quick trim to keep them tidy and avoid threads catching.
Carbon G
Carbon G Sale price$14.95